How to Choose a Health Insurance Policy?

It is rightly believed that people’s financial planning starts when they are fully prepared for health insurance. Health Insurance Plan is the start of financial planning. Thus, before making such a huge decision, one should be aware and should know how to choose a health insurance plan. We all want to buy that insurance, which provides the maximum coverage to us and our loved ones. However, with the availability of so many plans and policies, it might get confusing to choose which plan is best suitable for you. Thus, it is essential to understand which health policy suits you the best and is according to your needs. How to Choose Health Insurance? #1: Looking for the Right Policy Coverage The first and the foremost thing to do is to look for the best policy and the kind of coverage it is providing. It would be best if you chose the policy that offers maximum coverage, including the pre and post hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, critical illness insurance, maternity treatments, and cashless treatments. There are many types of coverages provided by various insurance companies that you have to choose which suits you the best. Other than that, one has to read the terms and the conditions in which the insurer can make a claim. And also in which circumstances the claim faces rejection. What is the point of health insurance if the claim is rejected in the time of need? Consider your requirements, compare the different plans, check the policies terms and conditions, and then start paying for that policy which suits you the best, without giving out too many premiums. Thus, looking for the right policy coverage is the best way to choose the perfect health insurance coverage. Read Also: 6 Mistakes People Make When Shopping for Health Insurance #2: Adding New Members Another thing to keep in mind when you choose a health insurance policy is floater policies. Floater Policies are a huge success, especially when people think of getting the best policies at the minimum premiums. Floater Policies or health insurance for the whole family is one of the best ways to choose health insurance policies. While choosing, one should keep in mind the flexibility to add new members to the insurance plans. Babies are born, or when an old-aged person dies, another member of the family can become a part of the same policy, without giving away the benefits of coverage. Thus, while choosing the health insurance plans, the flexibility to add new members should be kept in mind. #3: Waiting Period Clause Generally, while claiming the health insurance policy, there is a waiting period. For instance, some insurance companies state that they will approve the claims only after 2-3 years of the start of the policy. This varies according to the plans and the terms and the conditions of the policies. Make sure to check the time duration before choosing the best insurance policy for yourself or your family. #4: Checking the Co-payment Clause Co-payments are a massive part of the insurance policies. Before finalizing the perfect health insurance plans for you and your families, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the co-payment clause. This clause states that the patient and the insurance company will share the expenses of treatment, despite giving premiums to the insurance company. If the co-payment clause is there, the company will be providing only a part of the amount required in the treatment and not all of the expenses. The best option would be to look for a policy without the co-payment clause. It does not affect finances extremely at a single point. #5: Lifetime Renewability Another factor to keep in mind when you choose a health insurance policy is lifetime renewability. Lifetime Renewability is an essential factor that one should consider while opting for a health insurance policy. A lot of us forget about the validity of the insurance policies. And when the time arises to claim the amount, the policy already expires. Thus, one should always stay aware of the timeline of the health insurance policy. A better way to not encounter this problem is to look for policies having lifetime validity. Or the policies which can be easily renewed at the time of the expiration. This is because the later years are more prone to these insurance claims. In such cases, it is smart to opt for lifetime health insurance policies or the policies that can be easily renewed. #6: Room Rent Limit Some policies state that the companies will go through with these claims only if the room in the hospital is a private room, sharing room, or ward. If it is not according to the terms and conditions, then the insurer might have to face the rejection of the claim. In such situations, it is a better option to make sure the room rent limit of the policy which you are thinking of taking up. If this is not made sure, well in advance, then at the time of the need, the patient might have to settle every expense. #7: Hospital Coverage While opting for the perfect health insurance for yourself, one should also look for hospitals and the doctors against which the insurance companies provide the coverage. There are times when a particular hospital of your choice is not on the list of the coverage. At that time, it may result in paying the expenses by the patient. The hospital network is an essential factor one should study while opting for the perfect healthcare plan. As with a wide range of hospitals, it becomes easy to get the claim or the coverage. Read Also: How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Health Insurance? Conclusion The bottom line is that one should very carefully think before finalizing the perfect healthcare plan for yourself. The tips mentioned above would strategically enhance the benefits provided to you. It would help you in making an informed decision. Health Insurance Policy is an investment that you should make very carefully. As it yields the perfect results at the time of need. It helps remove the financial burden from your shoulders. And you can sleep peacefully at night. You can think that if something happens to you or your family, there is the immediate financial support. Thus, one has to make a smart decision when you choose health insurance. Also read: 9 Ways to save money on Health Insurance We hope this article was informative and we could solve some of your doubts. If you have any more doubts, then please reach us through the comments box below! We will reply soon. What is Not Covered in Health Insurance? Navigating through health insurance is a very tedious task. The growing importance of Health insurance, specifically in the times of COVID-19, is incomparable. People do not know how to fight this, and to protect themselves from this uncertainty, humans are increasingly thinking of health insurance policies without putting a hole in their pockets. The consumers do not have any say as to what all the insurance policies cover. It all depends on the insurance companies and their terms and conditions. Every policy has its requirements, and there are many things that are not covered in health insurance. In such cases, people should know when they will be able to claim the amount and when they won’t be able to do so. Health insurance policies include various surgical and medical cases, but not all of them. Medical Health Exclusions are the cases or the situations in which the people are denied the claims. Although health insurance typically covers every doctor and hospital visit, prescribed drugs, wellness care, and medical devices, there are various other things that they do not include. Let’s look at the cases where this unfortunate situation applies. What is Not Covered in Health Insurance? There are still many procedures that are not covered in health insurance and the consumers have to bear their expenses by themselves. Each benefit plan differs, and every plan does not cover every ailment, the insurance policies do not cover some of the medical procedures.

They are:- #1: Cosmetic Surgeries Various treatments enhance people’s exterior beauty, like botox, plastic surgeries, and other cosmetic surgeries. Along with this, the dermatological procedures are also not included in health insurance policies. Also read: How are Health insurance premiums calculated? The whole insurance policy concept is to support emergencies on which humans do not have any control. It is the choice of humans to get cosmetic surgeries done and are not a necessity. Thus, in such cases, the insurance companies deny coverage, and the people have to bear the expenses all by themselves.

#2: Fertility Treatments Although the clauses related to this treatment differ from state to state and company to company, the general procedure is that the health insurance does not cover fertility treatments. But, the companies have to provide support during the diagnosis of infertility, making it a case-to-case basis. There is no particular precedent for such treatments.

#3: Pre-Existing Diseases Again a clause that differs from company to company is the coverage for pre-existing. Many insurance providers do not include high blood pressure, or diabetes or hereditary conditions. There are high chances of policyholder suffering from pre-existing diseases. In such cases, the premiums are very high, only if the company provides coverage in these medical emergencies.

#4: Pregnancy and Abortion The medical expenses for pregnancy and abortions are not covered in health insurance policies. Even in the case of a cesarean or a complication during the pregnancy, there is no coverage. The insurance companies do not consider pregnancy to be a situation in which one requires financial support. Also, during the abortion, the companies do not provide the claims. But in a case where it is necessary to abort the child due to medical complications, the policy decision maker evaluates the situation to derive to a result. Also read: Difference Between Critical Illness Insurance and Health Insurance But voluntary abortion is not a part of the medical coverage.

#5: Diagnostic Expenses The expenses incurred during the diagnosis of a disease are not a part of the coverage. The blood tests or the identification of a virus in a pathological lab are not a part of the coverage of health insurance. No matter if a hospital or a nursing home go through with these tests, they are not a part of the coverage of health insurance, and the patients cannot claim the money based on these.

#6: Miscellaneous charges The health insurance companies provide coverage to the diseases only. The miscellaneous charges like the registrations, admission fee, service charges are also not a part of the coverage of health insurance.

#7: Health Supplements The insurance company provider does not cover the expenses incurred during the consumption of health supplements. Health tonics and protein shakes are not a necessity for the body and are not an illness. Thus, the expenses related to these medical supplements are not a part of the coverage of health insurance. But if the same is advised by the doctor during the treatment of a particular ailment, while the patient is hospitalized, then these health supplements are a part of health insurance. #8: Self-Inflicted Injuries The expenses incurred if the patients have self-inflicted injuries, then it is not covered by health insurance. The concept of health insurance is all about providing financial support to people in case of unforeseen injuries and ailments. Self-inflicting injuries are not a sudden injury. Hence, they are not a part of health insurance coverage.

#9: Congenital Diseases Many people are born with some defects in their bodies. Health insurance does not cover and provides support in such cases. People born with these cases have to support themselves, as the insurance companies do not take up the responsibility in such cases.

#10: Substance Abuse Injuries incurred due to substance abuse or overdose of drugs and alcohol are not a part of the coverage of health insurance policies. The insurance companies do not provide support in such cases. The people have to bear these expenses all by themselves. Conclusion In Conclusion, health insurance policies cover many ailments and diseases. Still, there are certain situations and circumstances in which the companies do not help the patients. Thus, if one depends a lot on these insurance policies, they should keep in mind the cases in which they won’t be able to claim the health insurance. Various terms and conditions are an important part that one should consider while opting for health insurance. And everybody should keep in mind the injuries or circumstances which are not covered by health insurance policies. This information helps the people in better financial planning, and they are not left stranded in times of need. Thus, make sure that you are fully aware of what type of contract you are getting into. We hope this article was helpful and informative. And if you have any doubts and suggestions, then please contact us through the comments section.


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What Is The Method Of Loan Pricing Followed By Commercial Banks? Whether or not you have taken a loan from any commercial bank, it is common knowledge that banks charge interest over the amount you borrow. So, to pay off the loan, you pay, principal amount + interest amount. But what is not so common knowledge is how does bank charges this interest, also called loan pricing. So, what is the method of loan pricing followed by commercial banks? Let’s explore the method of loan pricing followed by commercial banks today. Let’s start with the basics… Commercial banks are a mediator between borrowers and lenders. They take from the lenders and give it to the borrowers like those who take loans. So, who forms the lenders? People who deposit their money in the form of savings and current accounts and fixed deposits, etc. Banks also borrow from other sources. All these funds go into paying for two sets of assets- Earning Assets like loans (they get the banks the interest, so it is an asset) and Non-Earning Assets like maintaining bank premises. Also read: How Can I Get the Interest Rate Lowered If I Have An FHA Loan? Now, talking about the give and take, the banks pay the lenders and charge this payment from the borrowers. The banks also make a profit while doing this. Additionally, the interest rate we loan takers pay also includes operational costs and funding went into sourcing these funds, etc. So, the crux of the whole story is that a loan taker pays the interest that combines operational costs, funding went into sourcing funds, bank’s profit, and not to forget the interest the bank will pay to its lenders. All of this forms the base interest rate. But there is more. For that, let us move out of the basics and into the main topic- the method of loan pricing followed by commercial banks. What Is The Method Of Loan Pricing Followed By Commercial Banks The price of the loan is nothing but the interest rate of the loan. The borrowers pay the interest rate in addition to the principal amount. In the basics, we learned what the base interest rate is. But as we said, there is more. We cannot ignore the risk factor associated with banks giving out loans to the borrowers. So, the final interest rate or loan pricing is arrived at by adding the base rate plus the profit/ risk premium for the banks accepting the risk and offering the service. Base Rate There are three components of base rate:

Interest expense:

The interest expense is the interest the banks pay to their lenders, i.e., the people who gave the banks money to extend as loans.

Administrative Costs:

Administrative costs include expenses like salaries and other costs like maintenance of premises, etc.

Cost Of Capital:

There is a cost associated with obtaining funds. These are the expenses a bank incurs when it has to arrange funds from its lenders. So, all these three components combined form the base rate. Now, let’s explore the profit/ risk premium of the banks. Profit/ Risk Premium So, what is a risk? Risk, by definition, is the measurable possibility that you will lose the value. Are you wondering what do we mean by this? In simple words, it refers to the possibility that the loan taker or borrower will not return the loan as agreed. Also read: Everything You Need To Know About Bank Reconciliation Statement! Considering the bank’s condition, a good lending decision will minimize this risk, and risk premium is one such tool. Thus, a loan taker must pay the bank the risk premium as compensation for the bank assessing and accepting the risk of default. So, what are some factors that affect the pricing of risk premiums? One of the most critical factors that affect the risk premium pricing is the past performance of the business, industry, or sector. History, in general, has always been a great learning source, and loan pricing is no different. By studying the business’s past performance and its losses, etc., we can form an idea of the risk associated with lending loans to it. Thus. We can conclude, Price of the loan = Base Rate + Risk Premium But here are some last notes about loan pricing:

The final interest rate arrived at should be such that it is comfortable to the customer, and they should deem it fair, keeping in mind the service and loan received. It is not an exact science. A lot many variables have to be considered regarding the supply and demand of funds. And thus, there are several ways to calculate the loan pricing. And this takes us to our next topic.

So, now that we know the recipe ingredients, you can cook this recipe in various ways. Let’s take a look at some of these! Various Methods Of Loan Pricing Followed By Commercial Banks

Pricing Method Characteristics

Fixed-Rate This rate remains fixed for the entire tenure of the loan and is agreed upon at the origination.

Variable Rate As the name defines, the rate keeps changing. A minimum rate is agreed upon, and changes occur depending on the supply and demand of the fund.

Prime Rate This rate is a discounted rate, only for highly honored clients with a good record.

The General Customer Rate This rate is for the masses. Also, it is usually higher than the prime rate.

Prime Times This is a special rate. It is way higher than the prime rate. In prime times, if the loan’s maturity is increased or decreased, then the rate also increases or decreases in multiples.

Caps And Floors Caps and Floors are used in variable rate loans. Caps are the maximum rate, and floors are the minimum rate in which a variable rate can vary.

Conclusion Summarizing the above information, there are various methods of loan pricing followed by commercial banks. But the main factors that contribute to the methods are the base rate and risk premium. In addition to this, the many qualitative and quantitative aspects of the supply and demand of funds also play a crucial role. Also read: Home equity line of credit vs Home equity loan All the above factors combine to form what we call the loan pricing. So, this was all. We hope this article was informative and valuable. And that you liked it. If you have any suggestions, doubts, or questions, please leave them in the comments section. We are all ears! Wedding Loan: What is advantages of Wedding Loan? Thinking of how to quickly make that deposit and snag that dream wedding venue? Feeling awkward about approaching your folks for a little loan to cover those hidden expenses that caught you by surprise? A wedding loan could be one of the most convenient ways to provide a quick fix to your wedding woes. As you may have guessed, a wedding loan is a kind of personal loan that specifically addresses your wedding-related financing needs. But just like any other kind of loan (and most other things for that matter), a wedding loan can either be an asset or a liability, bringing bliss or misery depending on how you handle it. Before dreaming up how you will be spending that windfall of money from the wedding loan, there are just a few things to consider before signing away on that application form. Your Credit-worthiness While taking out a wedding loan could afford you all those little finishing touches that could spell the difference between a gaudy wedding and a much more elegant one, first check out if you are a good candidate for such a loan. 1.Can you afford it? How will you make the regular payments on your wedding loan? Will your husband-to-be be a co-payer? To avoid making your wedding loan a major post-wedding dampener on your relationship, clear out all possible issues from the start. It would be ideal if your payment design does not hinge solely on a single active income. This will ensure that you will not renege on your financial commitments to your lender should either you or your partner lose your job. It will also help you rest easy if you know that your ability to pay your loan is not dependent on one income stream. Having a Plan B, or even a Plan C, is never a bad idea. 2. Can you handle a worst-case scenario? Fast forward to the future, and the market plunges. You and your husband suddenly find yourselves out of your jobs and unable to pay your mortgages. In such an event, do you have assets that you can liquidate to pay off your lender? How about emergency savings? Nine months’ worth of living expenses tucked away in a savings account can help you get over what you hope is just a momentary hump in the road. 3. Can you pass the marshmallow test? We’re talking about character here — the discipline and foresight to let go of instant gratification (snagging that latest designer bag on sale, “downgrading” from a buffet spread to an ala carte menu for your birthday, even cutting back on your daily Starbucks fix) to eventually obtain and enjoy something of greater and longer-lasting value. If you can confidently say yes to all of these questions, then, by all means, forge ahead. Read up and enjoy all the benefits of taking out a wedding loan — because there are quite a number of them. Taking out a wedding loan could be the next best thing for your peace of mind (coming a close second to that time when you and your fiance finally agreed on the wedding guest list) as you continue your preparations for the big day. Advantages of Wedding Loans Wedding loans, like any other personal loan, have clear advantages over other types of loans. Here are a few good reasons why taking out a wedding loan could be beneficial 1.Gives you lower interest rates versus those of credit cards In the year 2020, the average credit card interest rate in the U.S. was 16.28%. With a good credit score, expect the average interest rate for personal loans to be between 9% to 13% — and this can be even lower for individuals with higher credit scores. 2. Grants you the opportunity to get a credit score No credit history yet? Taking out a loan and responsibly making timely payments can put you in good credit standing with lending institutions. This will allow you to create a strong credit History, making it easier for you to secure future loans at even lower interest rates. 3. Has faster processing The turnaround time to process a wedding loan can be as little as 24 hours or even less. The reason for this is that there are fewer qualifiers compared to other types of loans. Like all other personal loans which are unsecured, you don’t need to come up with any collateral. And because there are fewer restrictions, applying for a wedding loan can be conveniently done online. 4. Gives you a fixed term Unlike your credit card term with a boundary more elastic than an infinity pool, wedding loans come with a fixed term. This will help you avoid debt situations that can spiral out of control. 5. Allows you to go “all-out” in a snap (within reason, of course!) If you can’t wait to start “forever” with the love of your life, maybe you only need this one delicious reason to be convinced to secure a wedding loan: you no longer have to save up for years for that dream wedding. Getting that wedding loan will enable you to afford those little expensive flourishes. Now you can hire that uber-efficient wedding planner. Perhaps money can buy you some momentary happiness – and some of that elusive peace! Go ahead and savor the rest of the possibilities that taking out a wedding loan can allow you to dream up and seriously consider: Expense items covered by wedding loans With the confidence of a financially savvy bride with a clear debt-payment strategy and strong resolve to stick to the targeted wedding budget, you can now muster the courage to turn your dream wedding into a reality with the following ideas: 1. Get hold of that gem Purchase that exquisitely popular engagement ring. You can save the “something old” tradition for your mom’s delicate tulle veil and reserve the “something new” for that gorgeous engagement ring. 2.Get your hands on that dream wedding dress You can now have that premium wedding look with high-quality fabric. How about those wedding buttons? Have them covered in satin. What about those little pearl embellishments — maybe you can add a little more to the hemline? Go ahead and indulge in those little details that make a big difference to your overall look. 3.Get a good photographer Did your wedding loan take into consideration the services of a good photographer? Go ahead and make that call! After all, the beautiful memories saved in those breathtaking photos will last you a lifetime. 4.Make those bookings Secure the deposits needed to make reservations for the most coveted wedding venue or the most in-demand caterer in the city. With the fast processing of your wedding loan, no longer shall you fret because your bookings are all set! 5. Extend that wedding guest list You need not worry anymore about which cousin to take out of your wedding guest list or consider who is most likely to hold a grudge from not being invited. Just keep in mind that more may not necessarily be better ambiance-wise and in the long term (financially speaking). 6. Book that indulgent honeymoon As much as you would want to accept your BFF’s offer to stay for free at her out-of-town condo, maybe you can ask her to reserve that for when you need a quick break from work. If you have the money to spare, it would be a great opportunity to make some of the most precious memories as newlyweds. Seize the moment to savor a few luxurious firsts for both of you. Wouldn’t that be a great jumpstart to married life? 7. Pay for emergency wedding expenses Imagine not worrying if you need to book an extra room or two for your in-laws or not having to be anxious about the wine running out? Freedom from worrying about those unwanted surprise expenses during your wedding day is one of the benefits that come with taking out a wedding loan. And peace on your wedding day is something you definitely can’t put a price on. 20 Best ways to increase Adsense Earnings There’re many methods to earn money by online means. If you’re in the field of content creation and want to reach the horizons of success, we suggest you make your way to AdSense. Just publish your ads through this unique source and play with bucks. Having a site without ads on it seems like a boring idea. The reason? People these days are always in search of new products and innovative ideas. That’s why AdSense pops up here. No doubt there’re multiple strategies to earn money with the help of AdSense. But you need to know some of the significant ways by which you can increase your earnings. 20 Strategies to Earn More With AdSense Considering the emerging demand for AdSense earnings, we have come across some proven strategies you need to know before spending your AdSense efforts. So let’s make our ways straight to the list of ways by which you can earn a significant number of bucks. 1. Traffic and location matters the most Ads that attract direct traffic aren’t as much as effective as compared to those who drive the traffic from the search engines. The CPC and traffic sources matter the most. So try to target your traffic from countries such as U.S.A and U.K. 2. Wise Images and Texts The content you post holds a significant place in increasing your earnings. It’s believed that image ads play a leading role in more income. But by blocking the ad type and ad category, you can bring more traffic to your ads. 3. Proper Ad Placement The way how you place the ads tells you everything about the incoming earnings. Try to put your ads on those site areas where there are more chances to get visible. 4. Edit the Design of Ads The design and the format of the ads also play the most crucial role in boosting your earning. Many factors which you need to keep in mind while creating your ad. Try to use complimenting colors so that it can hook the eyes of the visitors to the content. 5. Keep a Check on Results If you don’t dare to check your ads’ activity from time to time, there’s hardly a chance that you’ll get some money. Try to keep concerned about the ad activity on your sites. If the added format is working, try to publish the following content in the same manner. 6. Create More Content If you’re holing a blogger platform, the only possible way to have significant earnings is to write more content. It’s evident that the more you register or create content, the more your website will flourish. This will end up in filling up your account with money. 7. Video Content Catches Traffic Besides images, videos are more common these days. Most of the visitors want to know more and more about the video ads. Thus, make sure to create video content as much as you can. This will boost up the traffic at your site. 8. 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This is the reason the majority of bloggers track the performance of their ads by using AdSense Channels. It suits the best for those who want to increase their earnings in less time. 13. Place Ads On The Top If you’re aimed to post short and precise content on your site, try to place your ads on the top of the article. This will hook to the eyes of the readers at the very first look. 14. Insert Ads Between Posts If your article is of medium to considerable length, it’s most appropriate to post the content in between the posts. A long continuous read without any creative material seems quite dull. So don’t let your readers get bored. 15. Target the Audience If you publish the ads irrelevant to the interest of your targeted audience, there’s hardly a chance that they’ll respond to your ads. So don’t dare to post the ads out of the concerns of your targeted audience. 16. 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This can be done by using attractive banners at the start of your ads. It’s one of the best ways to boost up the interest of visitors to your site. Time to Increase Your Income AdSense has become one of the most common ways to become a millionaire or billionaire in months. Some of the proven methods are mentioned above. You can adapt them to your plans and earn more money.

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