Start by choosing a shorter repayment term. Whenever you have a surplus, prepay, reduce interest by refinancing with Bajaj Finserv. Increase your EMI payments annually to reduce the interest rate Paying off a home loan can be a lengthy process, as you can choose a tenure of up to 20 years. Therefore, if not done properly, the EMI of a home loan can reduce your monthly budget for a long time to come. To reduce the burden, you can find ways to reduce your home loan interest. The two most important things to keep in mind is to find the right lender that offers you the lowest interest in the market and ensure that your lender offers you an MCLR-linked interest rate, which reflects the lowest prices very quickly. Huh. Apart from these two points, here are 4 tips to help reduce your home loan interest.


Canada’s Small Business Financing Program makes it easy for small businesses to obtain loans from financial institutions by sharing risk with lenders. Over the past 10 years, small businesses have received more than $ 9.5 billion in asset-based financing, representing more than 63,000 loans. Who are eligible Small businesses or start-ups operating for profit in Canada, with a total annual income of $ 10 million or less? Eligible under this program is not agribusiness (for a similar program for the farming industry, visit, not for profit organizations, or charitable and religious organizations.


Up to a maximum of $ 1,000,000 for any one borrower, of which no more than $ 350,000 may be used for leasehold improvements or leased property improvements or for the purchase or improvement of new or used equipment. How do I apply for a loan? Financial institutions distribute programs and are solely responsible for approving loans. Discuss the needs of your business with a financial officer in any bank, cashew populator, or credit union in Canada. The financial officer will review your business proposal and decide on your loan application. Once it is decided to offer financing under the program, the financial institution will disregard the funds and register the loan with Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada. (Find a lender near you)


The loan can be used to meet the following costs: Purchase or improvement of land or buildings used for commercial purposes Purchase or improvement of new or used equipment Purchase of new or existing leasehold improvements, ie, renovation of a property leased by a tenant, For example, you can use debt to finance: commercial vehicles Hotel or Restaurant Equipment Computer or telecommunications equipment and software production equipment Cost Eligible to Purchase a Franchise You cannot use the loan for finance items like Credit working capital The list franchise fee research and development What are the costs? The interest rate is determined by your financial institution and can be variable or fixed.

VARIABLE-RATE LOANS The prime lending rate of the maximum chargeable lender is 3%. Fixed-Rate: The lender is a single-family residential mortgage rate for a term of 3% of the maximum chargeable loan. A registration fee of 2% of the total amount borrowed under the program should also be paid by the borrower to the lender. It can be financed as part of the loan. A portion of the registration fee and interest is presented to the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada by the lender to help the government offset the costs of the program. What are the financing conditions? Financed assets require lenders to take security. Lenders also have the option of taking an additional unsecured personal guarantee. For more information, please contact your financial institution (find a lender near you). This program is administered by the Directorate of Small Business Finance. Contact us for more information.

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